And then, the day we arrived at 20.What does this mean for you? I assume that for most young people is a wonderful thing. A pretty old. Able to have freedom to do what you want is the characteristic that all teenagers vision at age 20. But who ever came nesa stage knows that is not so. Be higher in the back lot of freedom and along with it many responsibilities. It's all about mind trained to point out what you should and should not do. Of course someone else does not go home for sloths ballads or awareness that it can cause to themselves, such as drinks, headaches, horrible hangovers and etc.. For each one has a meaning. Anyway, for me, having 20 years is something very grid. The typical thing at this stage was to observe the situation more and with that you shall realize that living with other human beings can be very tricky sometimes, is not it? To cope with stressed, depressing, boring people who have nothing to do with you and others, makes you feel the only on earth, and you need to have very high control and spend several minutes or even days thinking about how to have game Waist handle certain situations. Now, I'm starting to love me more. The best state that a person can have is to love yourself and what you prgulho is accepted with all faults and imperfections. As you come to understand that being imperfect is absolutely perfect and you are a single person and then stop worrying about fit into groups that you have absolutely nothing or try often hide what really is for fear of thee they find boring. Be happy with yourself, with her peculiar knack, is wonderful and few can figure it out and get carried away by what people around you impose yourself. This can cause us a lot of frustration. The good thing with this is to learn to deal with people, even those who hurt you, even if you think, even those that ignore you because you also learn that the hurt is just bad and that the best choice is clear his heart for you. You shall completely ignore people who like to put others down just to enjoy and negative only people that make you happy and well. You find that being happy for no reason is the best feeling in the world, independent of any luxury. Shall see beauty in everything. The have the most sensitive eyes to the world. Becomes stronger. And that life is not unfair, because you are who will give the price for it. These are the true values ​​of 20 years. What can I get you going with this is that we must purify our hearts before receiving people or love, because even the most clean and pure honey spoils in a dirty pot. Do not live distracted. Life is too short for those who live distracted and that hurts just to bring you late. Having 20 years is not only free, it's evolving. And from there, life shows you that she is the best school and you just have the obligation to live it with intense passion.P. Leone

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