Hey guys :] How are you? I hope that much. Lately I could see that I'm going through a lot of changes. But I wanted to leave this question for later on. However, I wanted to comment about our own acceptance.I bet you have left to do many things for fear of what people around you will judge determined his attitude, fearful of the possibility that you think is boring or who is "passing shame", causing you to miss the taste moments that pass before you. This may sound very cliché, but the truth is that nothing changes. I live surrounded by petty people who preach this twit thought that you can not act like that, dress like that or do that, because it will not "make a fool". I definitely hate that phrase.And our youth goes by, do not realize the changes brought on ourselves by being constantly prodded by others that require you to do what they approve.It makes no sense I explain the facts without providing a solution, you must be thinking. But it is not that. Although, I can share something that certainly makes a lot of difference in how we deal with this issue. All our happiness depends on how we / we see our lives. If one thing does not bother you in feeling, is in what people think of you. Yes, do what you feel like doing, even if it is childish or peculiar or exaggerated. Write. You may be afraid to turn people away from you, but it ensures that you will bring the right people (after all, you will not want to attract those people who have a closed mind, right?). Do whatever you feel you need to do. Write different from everyone else, who live their lives without enthusiasm. Make a difference, and try to love yourself, just the way you are, because you are so perfect and one day you will still understand it, but hope will not understand that then you are tired. Tired of trying to suffocate yourself, ashamed of yourself.So if you are childish, like singing, is gay, has effeminate way, or is male, and is super friendly. Throw it out, but not by others but by yourself. Go be happy, child.Love you!

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