Focus, Strength and Faith !

Hi guys! ;] First sorry for my english: P  Ok, come on.
 A phrase that we are used to reading in social networks, but many do not know reflect (even who put). Generally such phrases can only fully understand who has gone through such a situation. How? I'll explain why I want to inevitably pass this message to you too:].
Previously I wondered why some people have more advance in something compared to others who have had the same opportunities as her.
Okay, I was young and did not really understand life and its meanings but over time you realize that everything you hear, becomes clear, is not it? (Mostly what we hear from our parents: P).
This short phrase and dry and carries a wealth of great significance.
Be it in any field of your life, these are the basics to getting the "success" principles. Yes, in quotes because success is a very relative concept for each people, as you may think to be successful is to be rich, to others would be to live in a small and simple house. with enough to live.
Focus, strength and faith ... First, it's good to understand that these three concepts are consequences of LOVE.
When we do something and we succeed is because we focus. Focus because when we love what we do, do not worry about anything else around us, but only what we are doing with LOVE. Strength because when you're focused on what you are doing, you definitely concentrated all their forces in what you are doing. And feel strongly FAITH that everything will work out for her total dedication and all donated to what you are doing FORCES.
So I think we find that when we really like what we're doing and
independently to make money or not, which brings us success and love for what we do. If you have earned or gained anything with what you did, okay, because you loved what you did and it is an immense reward. 

   Just do it.

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